Find the answers to some of our frequently asked questions.

  • +How do I make a claim?

    Please visit make a claim

  • +How do I cancel my policy?

    Just let us know - there's no cancellation charge, although you will have to give us 30 days’ notice and pay the premium due up to the cancellation date.

  • +What information do you need to give me a Medical Malpractice quote?

    We’ll need to know:

    • your profession
    • your annual turnover for aesthetic procedures (if the business is just starting up)
    • your estimated first year’s revenue
    • your business name, a contact name, telephone number and a valid email address to
    • send your policy to
    • your business trading address
    • your business activities and previous claims history
    • the date you want cover to begin (the inception date)
  • +Do I have to renew my policy?

    Prior to the renewal of your policy, Lonsdale will write to you 30 days in advance with a document called Duty of Disclosure Reminder or Statement of Fact. It will contain all the information you gave us when you took out the policy and if there are no significant changes to your circumstances, you will just need to return the form signed and dated to us or confirm via email changes if any.

    If there are changes to be made, just let us know as soon as possible, as it may affect the terms of your policy.

  • +What types of insurance must self-employed consultants or small businesses have?

    If your business employs any staff, you must by law have employers’ liability insurance.

    This cover cannot be purchased on a standalone basis but can be included with our Medical Malpractice insurance.

    Public Liability insurance is not a legal requirement but it may provide important protection to your business. For example, if you visit clients' premises, or they visit you, or if you deal with the public. It will protect you should someone claim you - or an employee - caused them injury, or damage to their property.

    Further, the protection your business can get from our Clinic and Professional Indemnity policies may not be mandatory, but they may provide important protection for your business. Professional indemnity insurance is often a requirement of contracts with clients.

  • +Is my laptop and mobile phone covered with Lonsdale Clinic Cover?

    You can choose to include Portable Equipment cover in your Clinic insurance to ensure they are properly covered while they are out of your clinic. Then your laptops, mobile phones and tablets are covered, along with other portables such as visual display equipment. You can insure to the value of £50,000 and the cover is world-wide.

  • +Do I need buildings cover if I am renting or leasing my office premises?

    No. Unless you own the building where your office is based.

    What information do you need to give me an office insurance quote on this website?

    We’ll need to know:

    • your annual turnover, (if the business is just starting up) your estimated first year’s revenue
    • the date you want cover to begin
    • the total value of your office contents (including laser machines, computer equipment, furniture, stock, stationery and non-standard items such as works of art)
    • the total value of any portable equipment such as laptops and mobile phones should you choose to insure them
    • whether you’d like buildings cover (and your property’s rebuild value)
    • whether you’d like legal expenses cover
    • your business trading address and postcode

    To make the process as easy as possible, please have this information to hand when applying.

  • +What does ‘all risks’ cover mean?

    This means that your property is covered for all types of accidental loss and physical damage unless it’s specifically excluded by the policy. This is wider cover than a ‘specified perils’ policy which only provides cover for specific events – for example theft or fire.

  • +What is the "Claims Made" Clause?

    Medical Malpractice Insurance Policies are underwritten on a “Claims Made” basis. This means that you will only be indemnified for claims made against you, and notified to us, during the current period of insurance. The policy will not respond to claims notified to us after the policy ends, even if the treatment or advice took place whilst the policy was live.

    You must advise us of any incident that may give rise to a claim immediately, or worst case, before your policy expires. If you cancel your policy for whatever reason, you should consider Run Off cover to protect you against instances which may not have been notified to you.

  • +What is the Limit of Indemnity?

    Put simply, an indemnity limit is the maximum amount that your insurer will pay out for any one claim or series of claims, within any one policy year. The Limit is in the “aggregate” which means that all claims notified within the policy period must not exceed the stated level and includes all costs and expenses which are incurred in your defence. 

  • +What is extended notification period?

    This will cover you in the event of a claim for up to 3 years after the expiry date of your policy in the event of death, retirement or maternity.

  • +Can we become a recognised training course provider?

    Yes, in order to do so we will need the following information from you:

    • Copy of your training syllabus
    • Copy of CV’s for the trainers
    • Training Course application form completed 

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